By UnTrustable (NL)

First, people are warning me about PLAGIARISM about WadMix2007, but
i can asure you that is not the case, so don't blind yourself that it is.
In time when this project is ready for a testrun, credits will be given to
those who earned them. WadMix2007 is still under construction and is not
yet ready to download. However, screenshots are available to give you a
first impression of how things are developping.
WadMix is originally nothing else than a mixture of known places within
the Doom Engine World. WadMix1997 contains only 1 map and uses only
Doom2 textures.
Ten years later (2007) a few new editor programs are available.
A new project is born. WadMix2007 will mix all available textures,
a few weapons, monsters, sounds, and a storyline.
Start date: 9 february 2007

WadMix2007 Enemies so far:

Heretic Elf. Sprite has been modified. It's holding a 'Hell Staff'.
Health: Version 1 and 2 has 500 Health; Version 3 has 1000 Health.
Weapon type: Hell Staff - (Red Plasma bolts)
Drop Item(s): Hell Staff.
Hans Grosse: Sprite has all the angles that are required in Doom. With the
original sounds from Wolfenstein 3D.
Health: 2500 Health
Weapon type: Double chainguns
Drop Item(s): Double chainguns
CyberBot. Based on the Cyberdemon of Doom. Inspired with Cyberdemon's
unlimited amount of rockets a new weapon was born, and it's holder.
CyberBot's weapon is a homing rocket launcher.
Health: 12000
Weapon type: Homing rocket launcher
Drop item(s): 50% change of dropping the homing rocket launcher
Arachnatrin. Looks exact the same as Doom's Arachnotron, but drops a
yellow spitting plasma gun.
Health: 500
Weapon type: Plasma gun (Yellow plasma bolts)
Drop item(s): Arachnatrin's Plasmagun
PigCop: Taken from Duke Nukem 3D. It's holding a shotgun as original.
Health: 120
Weapon type: Shotgun (Duke Nukem 3D)
Drop Item(s): Shotgun (Duke Nukem 3D)
Predator of Duke Nukem 3D. They fire at you with three plasma bolts, as
original. They cannot fly (yet?)
Health: 80
Weapon type: sort of a blaster (pistol)
Drop Item(s): Nothing
Acolyte: Taken from Strife. There are three different skills about this one.
They are holding an automatic machine gun (Assaultgun).
Health: The weak one: 120, the mid one: 250 and the strong one: 500
Weapon type: Assault gun.
Drop Item(s): Weak and Mid: Gun and Ammo, Strong: 50% Gun, 10% Ammo.
Macil: From Strife. I created its own deathscene according of what he says.
in the original Strife-game. There're three different skilled versions of Macil.
Normal, Mid, and Strong.
Health: Normal: 1000, Mid: 1500, Strong: 2000
Weapon type: Normal: Assaultgun, Mid: Single fire Mini Missile Launcher,
                      Strong: Fires five missiles at once with a Mini Missile Launcher.
Drop Item(s): Normal: Assaultgun 50% Ammo, Mid: Mini Missile Launcher and
                      Ammo, Strong: Mini Missile Launcher only.
Up-Side-Down Imp. Act the same as the original Doom Imp, but is walking on
the ceiling and the painsound is different.
Health: 60
Weapon type: sort of a single plasma bolt coming fromout its own hand.
Drop Item(s): None
Doom's Sergeant: Act the same as its original but is walking ceilings instead.
Health: 30
Weapon type: Shotgun
Drop Item(s): Shotgun
Super-Marine: A very strong opponent, equipted with shield, heavy armory
and a spreadfire plasmagun.
Health: 18500
Weapon type: Plasmagun (advanced with spread fire - 5 plasma bolts)
Drop Item(s): None
RomeroBoss: In Progress.
Multiply-Man: A pain in the ass enemy who is capable to multiply himself in
Several numbers. Very dangerous in open area's
Health: 100
Weapon type: Chaingun (Duke Nukem 3D)
Drop Item(s): From the original Multiply man it drops 50% the chaingun. The
                      last one drops ammonition always.
BloodImp: They are very weak, but they can disappear in their environment.
So don't waste any ammonition when you don't see them. They are never
alone and work in groups. Their attacks are painfull ! It seemed they can
boil any blood type a living creature can have. You see blood and dead
corpses with a blood fountain coming out, expect a group of Blood Imp's.
Gargoyle: From Heretic. (In progress)