By UnTrustable (NL)

First, people are warning me about PLAGIARISM about WadMix2007, but
i can asure you that is not the case, so don't blind yourself that it is.
In time when this project is ready for a testrun, credits will be given to
those who earned them. WadMix2007 is still under construction and is not
yet ready to download. However, screenshots are available to give you a
first impression of how things are developping.
WadMix is originally nothing else than a mixture of known places within
the Doom Engine World. WadMix1997 contains only 1 map and uses only
Doom2 textures.
Ten years later (2007) a few new editor programs are available.
A new project is born. WadMix2007 will mix all available textures,
a few weapons, monsters, sounds, and a storyline.
Start date: 9 february 2007

What is finished ?


Map 01.

Map 02.

Almost Map 03.


What am i doing at the moment working on WadMix2007 ?

11 feb. I am learning about XWE program, how to insert textures and
  other stuff.
12 feb. I am learning about Doom Builder 1.67 build 375. Its giving errors
  when i try to do sector within a sector. I am used to DoomCad6.1
18 feb. Now i know exactly why and when errors appear. It seems to be
  DoomBuilder cannot 'remember' current Vertex stitching after
  each time i load a map and shuts down DoomBuilder when a
  linedef has no texture and i hit the TAB button.
19 feb. Creating Map02 from all available maps (wad)
28 feb. Exploring Internetpages about scripting (ACS) (ZDoom/Hexen)
1 mar. Many available animation-textures are a succes.
3 mar. Discovered how Simple it is to overlay multiple Textures as one
  texture with XWE.
8 mar. Converted map02 to ZDoom engine just for the ACS editing.
9 mar. Converted map02 to Hexen format for more ACS scripting and
  more switch possibilities.
11 mar. Trying to figger out how switch textures are working. Still no
13 mar. Teleport succes. Now the red-key door is not function.
  Switchtextures not done yet.
14 mar. Red key door scripting is a succes thanks to 'Edward850',
  'Thomas' and 'TheShooter7' on the SkullTag forum.
16 mar. SwitchTextures are now working accept different soundtriggering.
17 mar. It's to much fun to make an end to Map02. Now it's about 562Kb.
18 mar. Removing a few errors and continuing building Map02.
19 mar. Grabbing some Heretic sprites and alter them with PhotoShop.
20 mar. Fatal error occured while testing sprite-sound-texture Pwad
  after inserting different kind of monster sprites.
  Don't know what happend wrong.
25 mar. Cost me a few days. Fatal error seemed to come from the
  SKININFO lump. Because of several warnings about Plagiarism
  i decided to keep WadMix2007 as my personal project and will
  NOT be released to anyone but my friends only.
27 mar. Adding monster is a succes, but it cannot fire its own ammo and
  have no sound. Suddenly the sky texture is gone and Plasmagun
  fires red plasma, which was not ment to be.
  Invisible floor/path is a succes, thanks to all the guys in this
  forum in particular the creator of CyberCrime3.wad.
  Using within Hexen format thing number 5061 will do the
  Transparancy trick.
30 mar. Fixed the sky and the blue plasma bolts.
31 mar. Fixed the new monster sounds, and its own weapon fire. With
  the 'A_Jump (x.x)' command it finally fires more than 2 shots.
  This new monster 'fire and sound' issue toke more than 3 hours
  to master from the ZDoom Wiki webpages... :(  Still not figured
  out how to script when monster dies, drop (new) weapon.
  Continue with adding new type of weapon, drop weapon by
  monster when dies, and new type of ammo.
01 apr. After a few attempts the monster failed to work right. Thanx to
  Thomas for fixing this monster and its weaponfire/ammo.
  From out here i can now create another new weapon, the
  Arachnatrin PlasmaGun. A lot slower Plasmagun but very strong.
  Continueing Map02.
02 apr. Creating new monster sprites of 'Hans Grosse' of Wolfenstein 3D.
  Only 2 of the 28 sprites done. Busy with the third.
05 apr. Continueing creating Hans Grosse sprites. Finished two of the four
  walking sequences. ( 8 of the 28 sprites are finished. )
  Started the third walk-sequence. When done Hans Grosse sprites
  will be available to everyone to dowload.
06 apr. Finished walking-sequence three. ( only 16 sprites remaines )
  Started the fourth walking sequence....
  Fixed the Arachnatrin PlasmaRifle, shoots perfectly like a slow
  plasmarifle with the so called 'reload' sequence.
  Repainted this rifle with gore so it looked like it has been
  removed from the arachnatrin with force. Only have to fix the
  Arachnatrin PlasmaRifle icon.
07 apr. Hans Grosse walking sprites are done, but needs to be more
  smoother in animation. ( 12 sprites left )
  Creating another monster for this project.... CyberBot.
09 apr. Continued Hans Grosse and CyberBot.
  Have a idea about CyberBot's huge gun. Its ammo will be
  unlimited but will be terrible using it. It must become a weapon
  certainly not the first choice of the player.
  I changed my mind about not making WadMix2007 dowloadable.
  If anybody says it is plagiarism, i'll personally kick his or her butt.
11 apr. Finished CyberBot's sprites.
13 apr. Imported CyberBot and give it a homing missile attack.
  While testing CyberBot, unloaded my plasma rifle at him, it
  appeared the plasmaweapons section was giving a error.
  Don't know how come...
  After i scripted a PlasmaRifle into the DECORATE lump, it fixed
  everything about the Plasmaweapon section.
14 apr. Cyberbot is three times stronger than the regular Cyberdemon.
  It's weaponfire is unlimited, almost three times stronger, fires a
  littlebit faster than the standard rocketlauncher and its targetting
  on the enemy. The weapon works !
  Imported Duke Nukem's Pig Cop enemy and it's assosiated
  shotgun weapon. The weapon and the Pig Cop works but need
  a little touch more. Sprites does not match exactly with the
  shotgun reload sound and the Pig Cop shoots to quick after each
  other.... needs more delay.
15 apr. Fixed the weapon and the PigCop. The Duke Nukem shotgun is
  a bit slower than the regular Doom shotgun.
  Imported the DukeNukem's Assault Trooper (Predator) from the
  original Duke game, resized the sprites, created my own script
  close to its original behavior, but wont shoot. Dont know why.
  Figured out why: there's a difference between parameter:
  'A_FireCustomMissile' and 'A_CustomMissile'. A monster actor
  won't fire with the 'A_FireCustomMissile' parameter. A weapon
  actor does.
  Continue to the Hans Grosse aiming sprites.
  Finished Hans Grosse sprites.
16 apr. Imported Hans Grosse sprites into WadMix2007. I used the
  Chaingunner script and make my own alterations.
21 apr. Imported Strife's Accolite soldiers in 3 different skills, also
  imported Strife's Assault Gun, as similar as it could be to the
22 apr. Imported three different Macil's. One that fires as original
  and two that fires mini missiles, including the weapon ofcourse.
  and third a Macil that fires 5 rockets in one row, the Rapid Mini
  Missile launcher. This weapon in an answer to the CyberBot
  Homing Missile Launcher... kinda.
  Continue with Map02. (741Kb)
  Time to master slopes, to make a start with Map03.
23 apr. Unsuccesfull mastering Slopes the way i wanted.
24 apr. Finished Map02. Exact 800 Kb ! I managed a simple slope.
  Still haven't found a slope methode i want/needed... if it's
  possible at all....
25 apr. Don't know yet, but i think i'm getting the idea about slope-things.
26 apr. After a few hours playing with the slope things  9500-1903, 9510 &
  9510 & linedef 181 i discovered of what i want to have is simply
  Starting Map03.
27 apr. Mirrored the imp sprites.
28 apr. Decorate the Up-Side-Down Imp and toying with the 'No_Gravity',
  SpawnCeiling and MapInfo - Gravity <amount>.
  Imported the Sergeant sprites (upsidedown).
29 apr. Decorating a new 'Super-Marine', but does not work as it should.
  Continue Map03.
30 apr. Continue Map03 (making a CTF map while waiting for an answer)
  Spent hours to find an example of an A_SpawnItem script that works
  for my 'Super-Marine'. So far not found. If it exist at all...?
  Almost finished Map01 of this CTF map. It requires some scripting
  which i don't have about assigning which team (red or blue).
02 may During searching for a decoration code of having 3 different sprite-
  sequences as 1 enemy-boss, without succes, i have found more
  possible enemy attacks and behaviors, such as a 'Multiply-man'.
  While playing an Invasion map yesterday, i saw the skin of Romero
  on a stake and it was very weird and unlogical to see. Because of
  that, i decided to create Romero WITH a body, and create my own
  monster with its original powers to emerge hell-spawn if i succeed
  Finished the very first Romero sprite (ROMRA1). It's size will be
  160x160 because i didn't rescale the head. That means, he'll
  become taller than the CyberDemon !
  Imported 'MultiplyMan', "-a pain in the ass-enemy". It worked TOO
  well. I Reduced him to a maximal amount of 27 multiplies tops.
03 may Giving MultiPlayMan a Duke Nukem Chaingun and ammo.
04 may Start creating a very unexpected weapon.
05 may ReMade the Rapid Mini Missile Launcher into the Mini Missile
  Launcher as an alternate fire option.
06 may Studying why 'A_SpawnItem' does not work. According to all
  resources, it should have worked. But it does not.
  Continue Map03.
07 may Imported a MonsterSpawner weapon, which can be found on the
  net, to learn more about the 'A_SpawnItem' command.
  This weapon works, but not my 'Super-Marine'. Now i like this gun,
  but i changed the weapon sprite into the spawn-cube, so it now
  feels like you are having the soul cube of Doom3.
08 may Unsuccesfull Super-Marine (A_SpawnItem).
09 may Unsuccesfull Super-Marine. The command parameter does NOT
  work, whatever i do. Marked the Super-Marine as Failed.
  Inported a new 'unexpected' weapon. It will kept a secret.
10 may Continue Super-Marine. The monster is working halfway. It was
  just because it had no A_NoBlocking or A_Fall parameter into its
  deathsequence. Thanks to Anakin S. Now with that behind me, i
  continued decorate this Super-Marine with a spreadfire Plasma-rifle.
  Very strong, one blow could finish you off. I found however a tiny
  weak spot to this Super-Marine. The Mini Chaingun. It holds him a
  moment on its place, however... every time you hurt him, it shoots
  back at you at once. You need 2 whole loads of a MiniChaingun to
  penatrate his shield, thats 800 bullets. After that he has still his armor
  who's protecting him of your gunfire.
  While coding this, new idea's pops up, to create a 'Mega-Marine',
  'Hyper-Marine', 'Ultra-Marine', and a 'Master-Marine', of some sort.
13 may Continue Map 03. Repairing sector (linedefs) errors that i didn't
  put in, but came into itself. Maybe DoomBuilder has giving problems
  when editing a staircase with 1 pixel width each step. It happend
  twice in the same area. DoomBuilder created another sector error.
  Close to the same area. Trying to repair it again. :(
  Experimenting with polyobjects....
  Using a simple door-polyobject is a succes... little help of this file.
14 may Start of the second Romero sprite. Not decided whether i let Romero
  walk or float when he moves.
15 may Continueing the second Romero Sprite.
16 may Imported the HellFireCannon, a Rise Of The Triad rocketlauncher.
17 may Imported the HyperBlaster, a Quake 2 'laser'?? gun. The creator of
  this weapon is ChaosCentral, but i changed its attack sprite as close
  to the original Q2 HyperBlaster. ChaosCentral only replaced the
  PlasmaGun. I just changed it to its real original.
  Also imported a Double Chaingun which is droppable by Hans
  Grosse, but needs a little more touch.
  Continue Map03.
18 may Photoshopped a Blood-Imp
19 may Continued the Blood-Imp, and imported into WadMix2007
20 may Imported Heretic's Etheral Crossbow/ammo and Heretic's Gargoyle.
  Changed Map01 a bit. Changed the WadMix2007 webpages.
21 may Created 2 Capture The Flag maps fresh fromout my memory
  of the game Unreal Tournament 2004.
22 may Created 1 Capture The Flag map full with slopes. New from scratch.
23 may Created map04 of my Capture The Flag. My way of having a break
  from my WadMix2007 project.
27 may CTF Map01-04 are finished. Thanks to these guys.
  Tun, Thomas, Wh1t3, Strikerman780, Wagi, and Protojo.
29 may Trying to figure out about camera's, carefully read the camerapage
  and looked into other people's wad, even with the copy/paste
  method it turned to be unsuccesfull. Camera does not move.
  Dont know why. I copied everything including BEHEAVIOR script.
  It refused to work. What i DO know is, how ACS script structure is
  build up. It's seemes very easy to understand..... (???)
04 june Went too busy with scripting, editing, asking on the forum, testing,
  decorating, improving things lately, so i have no idea what i did on
  which day: What i have done is: Scripting Camera with help of
  Thomas. Its working, edited a view things which are in a frozen
  state like a 'time-freeze'. Difficulty with the Height settings but solved
  that already. Today i learned to script my own script to skip the
  intro scene (the camera thing described above), but Thomas
  teached me another trick today. The 'bind key alias' in the KEYCONF
05 june Changed the Blood-imp sprites. Imported them into WadMix2007.
  Mapping Map 03 and testing my Blood-imp.
06 june Continue mapping map 03.
07 june Continue Romero sprite 2....
08 june Start with a simple Invasion map to get familiar with these settings.
09 june Continue Invasion map 01. Putting some scripted doors and pillars.
10 june Trying to figure out how those setting of a skulltag spawning
  positions works. Every monster at wave 1 keeps on coming in the
  next following waves. That's cool, but not in this map.
  Here i want only one kind of a monster each wave.
11 june Imported Nam's M60 Machinegun to WadMix2007. Removed most
  of the Invasion monster things and add 'Map Spot' and a script
  instead to my invasion map.
  It works alot better, but my weapons does not return once picked up,
  ammo does return (same effect numbers), so are the monsters as
  long as the script doesn't 'thing_remove(#)'. It works good sofar !
14 june Canceled Invasion map 01, it felt not good. Monster counting act
  totally wrong. While finished a wave, a few of monsters were still
  alive ! Started a new Invasion map, map 02. Sofar it works good.
15 june Continued Invasion map 02. Works good sofar.
17 june Continued Invasion map 02. Works great. I reduced the amount of
23 june Constantly working on Invasion map02 which i called something like
  Re-Capture (the base), Stronghold or Re-Take will work aswell.
  18, till 23 june i worked on this map, for hours, thinking of how i
  create certain structure or path, testing the map after each tiny
  changes, to let the map 'feel' right. It's almost done. See for details
  on this page.
06 juli I've worked on my Invasion map, map 02, the last few days. Its
  finished, but Zalewa advised me to decrease the amount of monsters
  and some tree sprites, also make the map a bit smaller. So i did.
  I reduced the amount of monsters.
28 juli Constantly working on Invasion Maps, i have also being
  experimenting with PolyObjects, which i already did once in
  WadMix2007 map 03, but Invasion Map 4 crashed, by unknown
  reasons (It hanged while nodebuilder did its thing). Invasion
  mapping almost comes to an end. Then i'll continue working on
  WadMix2007. I already finished the raw version of the second
  Romero sprite. Started with sprite number 3 (Takes alot of time).
29 juli Started a new Invasion Map (Map 05). Sphere, map 04, crashed by
  unknown reasons. While DoomBuilder was busy with node-building,
  it just hanged there. Data could not be recovered. But Map 05, will
  contain almost the same elements of Sphere.