Ultimate Doom Invasion (Skulltag) By Ghastly_dragon
'This map is dedicated to the Ultimate Doom Invasion Pack'
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UnNamed: Map01 (E4INV05)
Project cancled
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An Ultimate Doom E4M5 map that is
going to be converted into an Invasion
gamemode. In the very start im using
the same area, but widther.
I created also a bridge, which was
originally not there, and was not being
able to be reached the other side. So
talking about plagiarism isn't
nessessary, as usual.
I made a slope here where once an
elevator was. I dont want an elevator
which has to be triggered, while
waiting, getting hurt by the lava floor.
Just a simple and fast climb-up.
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Same area, but from an other angle.
I kept this area intact besides of the
entry door. I made two of them just for
multiplay, so the players dont have to
wait after each other to enter.
The outside area, which came from the
next map, which is E4M6. Its wide and
open for a whole lot more monsters.
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This is not the CacoDemon you wanna
mess with. He has a BFG charge which
is shooting little charges fromout of it.
Im certainly dont want to be in the
middle. Here is CacoMom doing her
thing, pooping out Hissey's, but at this
moment her children dislike her more
than the player himself
An outside area overview from a
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Working with Dynamic Lights, white
lights in the corners, and red
(small one's) in the middle. 
Thanx to: Ghastly dragon, Mechadon,
Tun, and Gez
Now i know how simple it is to create
dynamic lights, Im having trouble not to
exaggerate the whole project with
these marvelous feature ! :P
Dynamic Light are ... yammie !
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Detailing the map.
More Dynamic Lights. The pillars in all
corners have been giving a blue light
attached to the ceiling. White light in
the middle on the floor.
My first attempt to create a Nuke.
It's a IMK-look-a-like of Delta Invasion.
The Nuke is mobile, but once you pick
this weapon up you cannot choose an
other weapon or it will detonate.
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The Nuke device is looking a bit lame.
The code works very well, however i
found already its weakness.
The existing nuke detonation is lagging!
The teleport device that only allows a
Hell Boss through.