Doom 3D Invasion (Skulltag) By UnTrustable
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Hangar: Map01    
With Doom 3D Invasion i want 2 things. More experiŽnces with 3D floors or any of
that kind, and i want to make a change in the standard Skulltag Invasion mode.
I change it with adding sub missions, like you probably have seen in Zero Invasion,
adding the Hack Device. With that tool alot can be done as being a mission like fixing
a damaged machinery that can serve for assistance against the zombie invasion.
Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.
At start, You will have 200 health.
I am planning to add an auto-health
regenerator script somehow at
later times. And i want to punish
players who are using the suicidal
attack against the monsters.
The first base you teleport in is a
new from scratch building. This is
the only building that is clean from
zombies and monster invaders
The outside is constructed in such
way, that it has to be impossible
for the monsters to get up or inside
this building. If they do, you must
have letting them in on purpose.
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Once you got out and sweep the
entire outside area, you will hit this
wall. This will be your first puzzle.
There is no way you will get that
door open since you dont have a key,
code or hack device.
When you get your ass to the other
side of that wall, then finally you will
see the hangar building of Doom1.
That building is made out of 3D floors
and is slightly different than the
The door you are supposed to get
in according to original E1M1 map is
locked, so there is your second
puzzle to get in. Here im still busy
with this map, so i can't show much
more here.
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More to come soon.