Zeta Invasion (Skulltag) By WartornCove
What have i done sofar:
Im just started the first Zeta Invasion Area.
You are a Doom Marine and just went through a huge white portal (which is the end of Delta Invasion)
Now you are on another 'part' of Hell?
Go to Delta Invasion page.
Go to My Own Invasion Pack (Serious Sam Style)
Go to Ultimate Doom Invasion Project (By Ghastly_Dragon)
Go to Wolfenstein 3D Invasion map pack ( lead by UnTrustable )
Go to Invasion Unleased ( lead by Mifu )
Go to Phoenix Invasion ( lead by BlazingPhoenix )
Go to Doom1/2 3D Invasion ( In the making by UnTrustable )
Go to Last Hell ( Done in 2000 By Second Raver, later known as UnTrustable )
Go to Hank Cafe's ToyBox project (converting by UnTrustable)
Go to Race of Madness (RoM) (lead by Cpl Foley)
UnNamed: Map01 (DTINV01)
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Zeta map 01. I know its bland. Details
comes later. My first self decorated
Hell monster for Zeta Invasion, the
sequel of Alpha and Delta Invasion
Zeta map 01. A tiny more details.