ToyBox Conversion to Doom (Skulltag) By UnTrustable
Since the introduction of 3D floors to Skulltag i was overjoyed because before
i came to Skulltag i played alot of other games and played some map called 'ToyBox'.
Toybox, as far as i know, was/is made by Hanks_cafe.
I tried to make contact with him to ask him for permission to convert his map to the Doom engine.
But after months still no reply.... :(
For me that means i can go ahead. But the next problem i had to face was:
Skulltag doesn't support 3D floors in competative game mode.....
(grammophone plate scratch !!!.....) excuse me? No 3D floor support in competative game mode?
What stupid soul came with that rediculous idea ?!
What have i done sofar:
Since the 3D floor issue were became a real WAR at the Skulltag Forums, i canceled this project untill
3D floors are accepted in ALL gamemodes.
In my humble opinion some one or some group of people decided to switch off the 3D floors deliberately
in competative game mode such as (Team) DeathMatch.
Recently (02 January 2010) the former programmer of Skulltag, Torr, decided to see for himself what the
community wants with solid numbers. Torr, claims to support 3D floors too, but unfortunally this 3D floor thing is
not up to him alone to decide. He has to discuss this matter with the rest of the development team.
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Project cancled untill 3D floors are allowed in competative gameplay.
Original Source (Hmm, link broken)
(Jan 2010) Found an other link to CoD4
Click to enlarge.
Original Map layout of Hank's ToyBox.
Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.
My first ToyBox area.
Big area, might make it bigger when
the structures doesn't fit here.
My first problem with a sloped 3D
floor. I'll figured this out on a later
stadium. I can't affort to let this
problem to hold up creating the
rest of the map.
I stay loyal to the original design
of Hank's ToyBox map.
Structure are identical.
Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.
Upper side view
Same shot but from an other angle.
Now even the colors are identical.
Changed the yellow into orange.
Months past by..........    
Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.
After 3/4 year i continued working
on my ToyBox version map.
(22 january 2011)