Invasion Unleased (Skulltag) By Mifu
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ShapeShift (first attempt): Map10 (INVU10)
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The starting position of ShapeShift.

ShapeShift (second attempt): Map ??

 This ShapeShift map will now only making changes of the same area.

That means, the room is still recognizable from it former shape.

The real shapeshift concept will be made someday else.

However, this map has the basic shapeshifting elements on board, to mention the texture changes,

and sector behaviours.

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Begin situation, Very small and
annoying situation.
Room situation at wave 2. Its not
possible to get the mini chaingun now.
Room Situation at wave 3. Now you can
get the Mini Chaingun.
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Same wave 3 situation but from a lower
viewpoint. Textures, floors and ceilings
are changing. The movements of these
sectors are still going on even though
the next wave is already on.
Room situation at wave 4. This is the
most positive battle situation for any
player. In this battle situation the
monsters are having trouble hitting you.
Room situation at wave 5. The red
marbe DemonSkull texture has changed
color, and the staircase turned into a
waterpool. The plasmagun and the
bazooka are now available.
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Room situation at wave 6. This is the
most possible free space that there is.
The player can also get out of this room.
Like here....
Or here.. (still under development)