Last Hell (Doom2) By Second Raver. Later known as UnTrustable.
Last Hell was my last map pack i was going to make somewhere in 2000.
The story of Last Hell, is as far as i can remember like this: You are some investigator, some kind of a
Agent. You were hired to infiltrate a secret company who were doing some experients with secret weapons.
You are sending in with parachute and with a 'full' ammount of weapons. Yeah, you're NOT going to be send in
with a pistol only. You land in the middle of the compound. As you infiltrate you think its just an
ordinary factory, but later you find out this company is not keeping themselves busy with secret weapons.
Oh not at all. They are doing research of altering time.
Altering time....? Well at least that is what this 'evil' company believes it is doing....
Last Hell was intend to make lots of twists in the story. You can guess it by now:
There is no research to new weapons, and no time travel experiences.... but of what it is all about....?
We will never find out, since this project came never finished.
I guess it stays inside my head.
Last Hell was actually my last project to make maps for Doom2, with Editor DoomCad6.11
Now-a-days maps are full of new features like, more new textures, musics, intermissions, new weapons....
None of them was available to me back in 2000, or at least not that i knew off.
Last Hell has never been finished, but is playable untill map 04 (which is the last)
I just uploaded it here simply because of its historical value.
Download (rar)
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UnNamed: Map01    
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This screenshot has been adjusted.
You land in the middle of the
complex in the very morning, full
packed ! No more stupidness by
sending someone in with only a
Sneaking your way in via a small
building where they processing 
their waste. Back in the year 2000
and before, i had no slopes and no
re-aligning abilities like we have
The map is designed without
being able to jump or crouch.
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A dressing room with sinks.
This shot doesnt show much but
Here i tried to simulate a 3D floor
ventilation shaft.Ofcourse 3D floors
were not available in 2000 in Doom2.
Some guard who is awake too just
like you.
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Last Hell map01 was intentionally
designed to keep the player(s) in
this map as long as possible. This
map by the way, is huge. Trust me.
A classic. While walking through
here, traps are open up and monsters
are coming out attacking you from
the back.
Also a classic. A zigzag area with
lots of Barons and 2 or 3 Archviles.
This area ( if you dont cheat...) will
keep you busy for a couple of
minutes. Strategy is needed here.
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Some demonic fortress. You ask
yourself, where the F* does those 
creatures comes from? (Yes, we
are not talking about the Doom
Marine here or Hell ! )
And then you found this switch....
Then suddenly everything goes
black.... ?? no power ?? 
Map02: You go outside and you
see that the entire world has
changed except the switch room.
You want to go back, but need a
yellow keycard to switch on the
backup power of that machine.
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The locals doesn't go easy on you
finding the yellow keycard.
You finally found the yellow keycard
and safely returned to where you
disappeared. The area is completely
clean and lifeless. Where are those
corpes you left behind ?
Not really a question that keeps
you busy at first. You find an elevator
and go down.
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Brings you to some storagebuilding.
Later you walk inside some
office building while slowly the sun
gets up.
More corridors. Very Strange
office building where most doors
are locked. And no enemies ??
Where the F* is everybody ??
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Its not that you are boring here.
There are plenty of puzzles to
solve, and alot of walking.